About Roman

Originally from Paris, France, Roman Feral made a name for himself early in the international contemporary art scene. He is not only influenced by his rich cultural background but also inspired by the fashion industry codes. Roman Feral celebrates luxury brands while showcasing the beauty of nature. In the manner of a true alchemist, he seeks to capture the essence of refinement and preciousness of selected luxury icons with one of nature’s most delicate jewels: butterflies. Setting them airborne, he creates the illusion of an endless flight, a suspended moment of grace and the impression of granting the delicate butterflies an eternal life.


Transforming the ephemeral into timeless has become his creative line.


Roman Feral exhibited his first collection at Art Basel 2018, successfully drawing the attention of collectors and professionals. This led to an expansion in the most prominent galleries across the world. Roman Feral is also recognized by the biggest names in luxury. CHANEL recently acquired the sculpture titled “Coffre Chanel Azur” making it part of its private collection and heritage.


Autodidact, he has developed a genuine savoir faire of the traditional techniques and the innovative creation of design and luxury. He defines himself as a perfectionist, giving meticulous attention to detail.


In 2020 Roman Feral introduced his first bronze sculpture developed with the renowned Bocquel Art Foundry, which has a long history of collaboration with modern masters such as César and Arman. Each piece is unique with bronze butterflies arranged with close scrutiny. The iconic fashion items are recreated to the finest detail. The final result requires over 90 hours of hand polishing and more than 30 kilos of bronze for a rendering of incredible nobility and purity.


Like one of his butterflies, Roman Feral’s work is evolving in a timeless artistic journey.